Online Loans in the No Requirements Act

People who look for online loans on the spot without requirements may go through a situation of need for money for different reasons: unforeseen expenses, last minute purchases, repairs or medical payments, among others. In all cases, this type of loan is ideal for those who wish to obtain capital quickly and urgently, being the most important not to give explanations of why the money is required.

Loans online in the act without requirements: what you should know

Loans online in the act without requirements: what you should know

The minimum requirements to obtain financing is to be 18 years old and reside in Spain to comply with the current law.

It is also common for you to be required to have a regular source of income, whether it is the payroll, the pension or the unemployment benefit. But, beyond these types of demands, you will not be asked for any documentation or requirements impossible to meet by most people. No guarantees are requested that are required on many occasions in other banks or entities.

Of course, to manage the operation, you must have an email account and mobile phone to complete (telematically) the entire process: from the capital request to the grant.

The solution to economic problems

The solution to economic problems

Online loans are the best solution for the capital problems that you can face at any given time. Once (or several) in our lives we need financing to pay for different contingencies of our day to day. Not only that: also other types of expenses that go beyond: vacations, birthday gifts, buying a vehicle …

Main characteristics of the services that a loan company must have

Main characteristics of the services that a loan company must have

In addition to a great immediacy, as an applicant you must take into account the following advantages and characteristics in a company of this type:


On the website you should offer information regarding the expenses associated with the loan. From the first moment you want to obtain external capital, you must have all the contact information, the financial information and the main conditions to be met by the company and the applicant.


It is an important point. Many people overlook that a website is not SSL certified, which encrypts the communications that occur between a web server and the user’s device. With this certificate, all data is protected.


It is something highly valued, especially after being accustomed to the demands and conditions imposed by traditional financial institutions. Comfort is key, since we can request a loan online without requirements and without the need to make uncomfortable trips to the bank office. From your computer, mobile or tablet you can fill out the application for capital, in addition to receiving the answer in a short period of time. If you need some type of voucher, there is the possibility of sending it to you via telematics.

The money reaches the current account without the need for confirmations or face-to-face signatures at the branch or financial institution. If you wish to return or change the loan installments, you can also complete this process online.


If, for example, you want to ask for capital while at Financial Credit Institutions, remember that the data will become part of a company file, but in no case will this data be sold to third parties. It is advisable to always consult the privacy policy.

Ordering loans online without any requirements is as easy as finding the one that best suits your needs and sending the application form. We invite you to know more about quick loans without paperwork or documentation.