Foreclosure of a fifth salary, can I ask for a personal loan?


Good morning My name is Gianluca and I write from livorno. I have a foreclosure of one-fifth of my salary and I definitely turn into crif because of a loan that I paid badly and because of which I was seized.

But now with this foreclosure of the fifth salary I do not know how do because the personal loan do not give it to me, or so they told me, because they are in crif, and the assignment I do not know because I already have the foreclosure of a fifth of the salary.

But with a foreclosure of a fifth of the salary can I ask for a personal loan even if I’m in Crif? Or can I request a fifth-party loan instead of a personal loan? Or is it a problem because it is always a personal loan? I do not know how to do. Help.

Good morning, Gianluca. Even with a foreclosure of one-fifth of the current salary you can apply for a personal loan , but it is the crif report that in this case does not allow it. Even if the transfer of the fifth is a personal loan, since the installment is deducted directly from the paycheck, it can request the assignment of the fifth.

Moreover, for the problem of the attachment of the fifth salary in progress, it can still request the personal loan by assignment of the fifth. Eventually it will be assessed whether with the assignment of the fifth will have to close the attachment of one fifth of the current salary, or if they can coexist. Greetings.