You want to open the Glenn loan limit, but you still have doubts? Familiarize yourself with the strengths and weaknesses that were collected based on the actual experience of clients using the company’s offer. Check when the loan limit is the most favorable solution and make a decision tailored to your financial needs and capabilities.

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In a bank, to get a credit limit you have to meet a number of conditions, have a stable job, good income, small obligations… Meanwhile, the Glenn loan line does not set prohibitive criteria: in order to apply it, it is enough to finalize it by 18 years and source of income, but it may be, for example, a contract for work, retirement or social benefit. The required creditworthiness is also much lower than in banks.

The loan limit can also successfully replace an installment loan – in addition, you do not have to withdraw all cash immediately, which is a much more convenient option. The debt is repaid in monthly installments, and the costs are similar. It is easier to pay off than a payday, on which devotion is only 30 days.

In Glenn, all adults can apply for cash, there are no age limits. Therefore, very young people, such as students or taking up their first job, as well as seniors – old-age and disability pensioners have the chance to open a loan limit. Not all banks and loan companies give a chance to apply to very young and older clients.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Glenn loan limit

Each offer has its strengths and weaknesses. An objective representation of each of them allows you to make a wise decision to use the proposal or not. We invite you to read the pros and cons of the Glenn loan limit. Do you think we should expand the list below? Please let us know in a comment – we will be happy to supplement our summary with your experience with Glenn.


  • low lower age limit, 
  • no upper age limit,
  • individual approach to each client,
  • minimum of formalities,
  • a quick credit decision,
  • a wide range of loans (from PLN 300 to PLN 20,000),
  • simple registration on the site,
  • convenient website interface,
  • withdrawals from the limit can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
  • the possibility of extending the repayment date,
  • a modern borrowing model.


  • low limit granted,
  • high loan costs,
  • additional costs for maintaining the account and limit,
  • verification in credit databases,
  • A lack of accurate information about the limit costs at the stage of applying for a loan.